Joining the Ultimate Blackjack Tour

The Ultimate Blackjack Tour is for blackjack what the World Poker Tour is for poker. The UBT consists of a number of blackjack tournaments from different places of the globe like Paris, Aruba, Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The winners of these tournaments meet together for the final event to determine the Ultimate Blackjack Tour champion.

Just like in the World Poker Tour, the Ultimate Blackjack Tour gives everyone the opportunity to compete for the top prizes. Blackjack players can enter any of the minor UBT tournaments by paying an entry fee and winners of the satellite tournaments can earn an outright seat to the final championship event. There are also some online casinos that offer seats at UBT tournaments.

The Ultimate Blackjack Tour tournament is based on an elimination format which eliminates the players with the smallest amount of chips after 8, 16 and 25 hands. This format prevents players from waiting around for the latter hands and betting the minimums. This also forces blackjack players into making drastic moves to avoid being eliminated early.

The presence of hole card cameras allows television viewers to see the players' cards as well as the dealer's hole card. You can see which players have the chance to beat the dealer and which ones are bound to lose. Of course, the players can't see other players' and the dealer's hands, but the audience can feel the excitement building up as play progresses.

Another exciting innovation of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour is the "secret bet." Players are given one secret bet each that can be used to bluff the other players. The secret bet adds intrigue and excitement to UBT matches.

It would be interesting to know that some of the players competing in the Ultimate Blackjack Tour have also played in the World Poker Tour. Well-known poker pros like Phil Hellmuth, Phil Laak and Annie Duke go up against professional blackjack players like Anthony Curtis and ken Einger. It would be interesting to see how poker players fare against the blackjack players.

Playing in blackjack tournaments is a great way to improve your blackjack skills and strategies in an environment of top-level competition. If you are not yet ready to play in the UBT or you cannot afford the entry fees to these tournaments, watching the Ultimate Blackjack Tour on the CBS channel is a sure way to enhance your playing skills, minus the financial costs that joining the tournament entails.

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