Blackjack very similarly to other gambling games wasn't invented in a specific moment by a particular man. Like many other popular casino games, the quality of blackjack comes to it from long years of wandering and slow advance. The game of blackjack was changed and adopted over the years till the most enjoyable and playable version of the game was established. Today this version is played all over the world in any self-respecting casino.

Blackjack has originated in France, where similar games have been played throughout the 18th century. One of the first versions of the game was known as "Vingt-en-un" which means 21 in French.

Just as poker and many other best Online Casino popular casinos games, the game traveled to the US with the first colonists and developed throughout the years. Only in the 20th century in Nevada the game has received its name and formed to the version we all know and love today.

One of the most important advances blackjack has seen for very long time is the revolution of online casinos. Online casinos have pushed blackjack to dazzling new heights. Today blackjack is truly one of the most popular gambling games in the entire world. Thanks to online casinos success blackjack has reached every home and it is very well acknowledged as one of the best gambling games any casino may offer.

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