Blackjack has always raised much debate. One of the most disputable questions is whether blackjack is a pure game of luck, just like the roulette or craps, or a game you can learn and gain proficiency in, like poker or backgammon .

Truth is that blackjack is indeed a game of skill to a certain degree. There are many ways you can improve your game without cheating or counting cards.

First of all the concept that should guide every blackjack player is the fact that there are more 10 valued cards in the deck than any others. While keeping that in mind you can calculate the risks you are taking much easier. Every player can decide by himself which risks are worth taking and develop his own gaming strategy.

If you are having trouble with grasping this concept, many online casinos will be more than glad to help you with many tables, charts and betting strategies that are bound to improve your winnings.

It is important to remember that it is easy to lose track of time when playing online blackjack. It is so extremely fun and easy you might find yourself betting much longer than you planned. Always remember to set a specific amount your willing to bet in an online blackjack session. Most importantly – remember to have fun.

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